Access Control

We have a wide range of Access Control System options all from Paxton, a leading provider of security equipment. These are ideal for the security and administration of visitors and can monitor and control up to 1,000 doors and 50,000 simultaneous users remotely and across multiple sites.

A professionally installed Access Control system will bring many security benefits to you as well as to your workplace, business or home,

  • Helps restrict certain areas.
  • Protect valuables.
  • Allows multi-site access.
  • Helps save energy and related costs.
  • Simplify employee turnover e.g. providing new starters with immediate access and deactivating access for leavers.
  • Easily record history of entry – essential information for Human Resources and fire drills

Benefits especially important during this time of the Covid-19 pandemic:

  • Contactless entry & exit – hygienic access, move away from touch-based devices, specifically referenced in government guidelines.
  • Flexible access permissions – meet social distancing guidelines, limit high traffic & apply one-way flow of movement.
  • Occupancy management – control and monitor visitor numbers in any given area and support social distancing.